The following guide outlines how to complete the necessary steps for 2017-18 PEAK for Central Office staff. The process has changed somewhat compared to 2016-17; so, please read the information carefully.

2017-18 PEAK for Central Office staff consists of 4 steps —

Step 1 – Complete Self-Report in Eduphoria Strive

Central Office Staff will complete a Self-Report – also referred to as Self-Reflection – in Eduphoria’s new application called Strive (Strive replaced the PDAS application in Eduphoria). The purpose of the Self-Report is to identify any areas where you are doing exceptionally well (and celebrate!) and any areas where you may need to focus and improve over the course of this year.

Click here for step-by-step instructions for completing your Self-Report in Strive.


Step 2 – Submit 2 Continuous Improvement Goals (CIGs)

Your supervisor will provide to you his or her department goals. Create 2 Continuous Improvement Goals that you can achieve by the end of the school year that will help your team achieve the department goals. Goals are now submitted via Strive.

Click here for instructions for setting goals in Strive (begins with step 7 in that link).


Step 3 – Monitor your goals

Over the course of the year, monitor your CIGs to ensure you are making progress towards achievement. At the time of your yearly evaluation, which will occur between May and July, provide to your supervisor evidence that you have achieved your goals.


Step 4 – Yearly Evaluation

Between May and July, your supervisor will complete a yearly evaluation and will meet with you to discuss the results. You will provide your CIG evidence to your supervisor at this time.


For more information, please review the PEAK Guidebook found here.