The following guide outlines how to complete the necessary steps for 2017-18 PEAK for Central Office supervisors.

To manage PEAK for your staff, please follow these steps:

Step 1 – Setup Strive in Eduphoria for each of your staff members

Staff will complete a self-evaluation and set Continuous Improvement Goals (CIGs) for themselves. In order for them to do so, they need to be setup in Eduphoria’s new Strive application (replaces the PDAS application). All evaluations and goal setting will take place within Strive.

Click here for step-by-step instructions for setting up Strive for your staff.  


Step 2 – Review Self-Evaluation & review/approve CIGs

Once your staff complete the self-evaluation and submit CIGs, review the self-evaluation for any red flags and approve the CIGs.

Click here for instructions on how to approve CIGs. 


Step 3 – Periodically remind staff to review their goals

A couple of times throughout the year, remind staff to review their CIGs to ensure progress is being made.


Step 4 – Schedule and complete a yearly evaluation for each staff member

Evaluations must be completed by July 31, 2018.

Click here for instructions on how to setup evaluations for your staff (begins with step 6).


Step 5 – As a part of the final evaluation, review the CIG evidence and determine whether or not the staff member achieved his or her goals.