Eduphoria has introduced a new application to replace “PDAS”. The new system is called Strive. Moving forward, all PEAK activities will take place within Strive.

The following outlines how to access PEAK evaluations, as well as how to submit your Self-Report and Continuous Improvement Goals.

1. Login to Eduphoria and click on Strive. 


2. Click Personal View on the top left side of the page. 


3. Next, click Evaluations. 


4. From this page, you can access your evaluation once available, as well as complete your self-evaluation and set your Continuous Improvement Goals.

To complete your self-evaluation, click the plus sign next to “Self-Reflection”.


5. Click “Create Evaluation”.


6. Fill out your self-evaluation, paying particular attention to areas where you are able to develop based on your strengths.

When complete, click Save and Submit to Appraiser. This will allow your supervisor to review your self-evaluation.


7. Next, you’ll set your Continuous Improvement Goals by clicking the plus sign next to “Continuous Improvement Goals”. 


8. Clicking the plus sign will bring up the following screen. Fill in your goal (after discussing with your supervisor to ensure the goal meets his or her expectations) and add the required information. Click Save.


9. On the next screen, click Save again and Submit for Approval. Do this process twice to submit 2 required Continuous Improvement Goals.


10. Once you’ve completed both the Self-Evaluation and Continuous Improvement Goals, your screen will look like this (showing that each has been submitted):


For any questions, please speak with your appraiser or campus administrator.