The following outlines how to setup PEAK evaluations for Central Office staff in the new Strive system in Eduphoria. This officially replaces the PDAS system. Please do not conduct any additional evaluations in the PDAS system.

This process outlines instructions for everyone except Directors & Executives.

Step 1: Login to School Objects and click Strive.


Step 2: Click “Campus View” from the left sidebar menu.


Step 3: Select Central Office.


Step 4: You should now see your staff. Switch to list view by clicking “List”.


Step 5: For each staff member, click “Not Set” under “Appraisee Type”. Change to “PEAK – Central Office”. After clicking Save, Appraisee Type will now show “PEAK – Central Office”.

Note: for Executive & Director employees, select “PEAK Executive/Director from the drop-down. 

Your staff will now have access to complete their Self-Reports and CIGs. You will be notified once the self-report and goals have been submitted. For instructions on how to approve the goals, please click here.


Step 6: When it’s time to complete staff evaluations, click the employee’s name to enter his or her evaluation record. Then, click on the plus sign next to “Spring Evaluation” to create the evaluation.


Step 7: Once you’ve completed the evaluation, click “Save” and “Let Staff View”. Once you both have viewed it, you will then see an option to sign it.