Eduphoria has introduced a new application to replace “PDAS”. The new system is called Strive. Moving forward, all PEAK/LEAD activities will take place within Strive.

The following outlines how to access LEAD Observations (walkthroughs and formals), as well as how to submit your Self-Report in April 2018 using Strive.

1. Login to Eduphoria and click Strive.


2. Click “Personal View” in the top left corner and then “Evaluations”.


3. Once Observations have been entered by your appraiser, they will be available for viewing in the Evaluations tab.

To complete the Self-Report (due April 2018), click the plus sign next to “Self-Report” to complete the form.


4. After completing the Self-Report, click “Save” and “Submit to Appraiser”.

For any questions, please speak with your appraiser or campus administrator.